Q&A: What is the best eReader for college textbooks?

Concern by : What is the best eReader for higher education textbooks?
I am seeking to get an eReader for my higher education textbooks. Generally because the hard copies are costly and just a pain to carry about all the time. I am debating between the Kindle 3 and the Nook. Any tips or feelings would be fantastic?

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Solution by sparkle on me…
I will not truly assume both is inexpensive appropriate now. I’m in higher education proper now and a Great deal of my school textbooks are not genuinely accessible on e-readers. In addition, if you happen to be heading to a study-intense college (ie. Ohio State College, any College of California schools, and many others.), the department of that program could write the textbook their selves (in these situations, you legit HAVE TO go to the university’s ebook retailer).

You’re much better off currently being like the relaxation of us: sucking it up and getting the tough copies.

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